Korean skincare products to BUY based on skin concerns

July 28, 2021 2 min read

Finding skincare products should be easier once you know what your skin type is.

There are so many Korean skincare brands out there that are affordable but work as great as those that cost £££ so for any beginners out there do not be afraid to try new products to find that one holy grail product that you repurchase every time it is done. Another bonus is that most Korean products are crueltyfree, such as Tonymoly and on top of that some Tonymoly products are vegan friendly. 

However, determining what Korean skincare is the best is tricky. As it is not always down to the brand and price but down to the ingredients used within the product. The best product might not be suitable for your skin type but might be good for others around you.

Reviews and research are key before buying any products.


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What most people with oily skin fail to recognise is that moisturising is still needed. We think that by not moisturising, our skin will be less oily, in fact it is the opposite. Using water-based or gel like moisturiser are a better option as it keeps you moisturised but at the same time prevent breakouts as it is oil free. In recommendation the ChokChok green Tea watery moisturiser is an option for those searching for a moisturiser. Green tea has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that reduces the production of sebum while protecting your skin from environmental factors such as pollution. Other ingredients such as clay, charcoal, avocados are also great for those with oily skin.

Combination skin is a little trickier than those with a specific skin concern. Finding reliable products for your concerns can be challenging as there are different concerns for you to deal with. Those with combination skin may need a range of products at their disposable to tackle areas that are oily and dry such as Tonymoly Tako Pore, Egg Pore line for the oily areas and moisture serums for extra hydration in the areas that are needed.


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Those with dry skin should lean towards ingredients such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, honey, pomegranate, lemon, avocado and seaweed. Ingredients such as centella, Tea Tree, Aloe and rice are suitable for those with acne prone skin (sensitive skin).  A universal ingredient suitable for all skin type is snail mucin, helps moisturise the skin, promotes collagen production and aids in skin healing and regeneration. A quick source of skin care that maximises the amount of product being absorbed by the skin are sheet masks Tonymoly offers a range of sheet mask suitable for all skin type.

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