Korean Skincare routine 101

10 steps korean skincare routine


The 10 steps skin care routine is a hallmark of Korean beauty, to give you that ‘glass skin’ look, but is it necessary to do all 10 steps? 

To those that are unfamiliar of the glass skin trend the steps are as followed:

  1. Oil-based cleanser: Oil cleanser removes makeup and any sunscreen typically used in the evening only.       
  2. Foaming or water-based cleanser: For those with sensitive skin go for a gentler cleanser. 

The benefit of double cleansing is to remove nearly all the impurities from your skin, maintaining the health of your skin and preventing it from any future breakouts. This also provides your skin with a clean canvas for any skincare products to be absorbed more effectively.




  1. Exfoliator: (only 1 or 2 times a week) Exfoliating can free your skin from dead skin cells and help acne scars fade faster, products will also absorb better, and your skin will feel smoother. There are many types of exfoliators out there, finding the right one that is suited to your skin type is important as over exfoliating with a harsh exfoliator can do more damage to your skin than good. Chemical exfoliator is best for those that are on the dry side whereas clay mask is best for those that are oily and acne prone.                                                                        
  2. After cleansing follow up with a toner. Toner is used as a prep for the next step in your skincare. Some brands will call their toner lotion, do not be alarmed as they are the same thing.
  3. Essence:adds a layer of nourishment it is the first step in building up your skin moisture.
  4. Serum or ampoule: is the secret to having a healthy glowing skin. The concentrated treatment can target specific skin concern that you may have due to the active ingredients found in the serum or ampoule.
  5. Sheet mask: is not necessarily an everyday thing. Some choose to use a sheet mask at least once a week. Due to the nature of the product sheet mask is a good way for you to get a maximum amount of product absorb into your skin rather than being evaporated into the air.
  6. Eye cream: is typically used if you have a certain goal for your eye area such as providing moisture, de-puff or minimize signs of aging. 
  7. Moisturiser: provides your skin with hydration while keeping your skin barrier balanced. Even if you are on the oily side do not skip this step, choose a moisturiser that it suitable for your skin type. 
  8. Sun protection – for daytime. This step is as important as the step above. Protecting your skin from sun exposure will prevent the harmful UVS from damaging your skin. Sun exposure will speed up signs of aging and slow the healing of acne scars. 


skincare products


The products used will depend on your skin type and some steps may be tailored depending on your skin concern. Those who are on the drier side may tailor the routine to get more hydration.

The number of steps is not that important, what is important is the order of the products you are using it in, to get the most out of your product and optimise the absorption of the ingredients into the skin for maximum efficiency.


skincare steps


However, a 10-step routine is not necessary as it will change depending on your skin and season, you can condense it down to something more basics especially for those who are busy in the morning and do not have enough time to splurge in a full 10 step routine. Things like toner, essence, eye cream and sheet masks can be skipped if you are running low on time. Having a basic skincare routine that you are consistent with can still work. Adding boosters such as Vitamin C can still be as beneficial as having a 10-step routine.


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