How safe is Korean skincare?

September 08, 2021 1 min read

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Korean skincare brands focus on being innovative but safe for their consumers, with this in mind most brands tend to use ingredients derived from plants. Koreans believe in natural ingredients, the widely popular ingredients seen is snail mucin and ginseng, hyaluronic and green tea. Majority of the ingredients used in Korean skincare are safe, even the most exotic ingredient such as snail slime are typically safe. Though most Korean skincare brands are cruelty free, and some brands are even vegan friendly by opting for natural traditional ingredients to be used in their products.


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But not all brands focus just on natural ingredients like other ordinary skincare brands some Korean brands will use damaging ingredients, to stay safe consumers should avoid ingredients such as heavy metal like lead and antimony. Hydroquinone, a bleaching agent that can lead to paradoxical darkening. Steroids like hydrocortisone and triamcinolone, which can cause redness, skin thinning and breakouts

Consumers should also be aware that some Korean skincare products have a higher concentration of retinol in comparison to US products. This can be an issue to those with already dry skin due to the retinol and can also worsen pigmentation issues. With issues of some beauty brands being recalled back due to high levels of certain ingredients or not meeting requirements as stated on product packaging, typically to do with sunscreen.


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Despite all majority Korean beauty brands focus on being innovative but safe, by being cruelty free and vegan friendly like Tonymoly.