Sanitiser Campaign



Hey there,

It's great to have you on board! This is the first of many campaigns we are aiming to run and we would love to have you work with us in future too!

K-Beauty / Korean skin care is focused on prevention rather than masking the problem! In other words, Koreans take their skin care very seriously and invest a lot of time and resources in researching the very best ingredients for tackling with skin care issues. The seriousness of the ingredients is balanced out by the cute packaging, which we know so many of or customers love.

As you may be aware TONYMOLY - a premium Korean skin care brand arrived in UK not so long ago and has been one of the best selling skin care brands in all of the top retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, ASOS etc. We now wish to spread the word to the masses and bring attention to our brand by working with influencers who love skin care and cosmetics just as much as we do.

 Our first PR package consists of hand sanitisers. To follow is some important information that you may wish to read to better understand our products.




Safe to use on babies, children and adults!

TONYMOLY’s hand sanitisers nourish, protects and sanitises your hands with every use. All items contain a non-stick formula and will leave your hands hydrated and moisturised. Enjoy these pleasantly smelling sanitisers infused with aloe, centella asiatica and witch-hazel extracts.

The days of having dry hands smelling of alcohol are now over!




It is easy to see that hand sanitisers becoming a part of daily life in the foreseeable future. Many people are more aware and health conscious of themselves and the world around them. The TONYMOLY hand sanitisers are ideal to keep on hand and can easily fit into a bag as you go about your day.

The TONYMOLY Hand Sanitiser Bundle is also a perfect gift for yourself, a friend or a family member this Christmas.



Did you know that most bottles of Antibacterial gel people carry everywhere does nothing to kill the coronavirus or any other virus? All it does is kill bacteria and dries out your hands leaving you with an awful sticky feeling.

TONYMOLY’s anti viral hand sanitising gels and spray are a step above the rest. Containing over 60% alcohol as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation). Our Gentle Hand Loving Sanitising Gels and Sprays eliminate harmful germs and viruses.

The alcohol content is high enough to kill the virus, whilst being specially formulated with a number of potent ingredients that will leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated. Infused with aloe water and witch-hazel leaving your skin clean, moisturised and smelling pleasantly without any sticky residue.



The PR package consists of 3 products from our sanitisation range;

Aloe Chok Chok Hand Gel 300ml

MasterLab Hand Sanitising Spray 85ml 

Aloe Chok Chok Hand Gel 30ml 

 You can order your PR package by clicking on this linkand using code included in your email at check out which gives you 100% discount for this bundle, so you pay nothing!

Once you have received your sanitiser bundle from us, we would like you to post about the products you received on your official Instagram page. We would like a minimum of 1 post per item and 2 Instagram Reels or Stories. In these social media posts please demonstrate how you would use the product and your personal experience of it, either in the caption or the post itself if it is a video. Please tag us in your posts/videos. 

We wish for you to push traffic to our website and Instagram page, so please include our site’s URL ( and tag us in your posts on instagram @tonymolyuk. Should you have more than 10 thousand followers please use the swipe-up feature on your Instagram Stories to direct your followers to our website.


We can be reached on should you have any questions.



To encourage your audience to engage with your posts and order from us we have given you in your email a personalised voucher code. You can share this discount code with your followers which will give you and them 20%off all orders from TONYMOLY this December.

Please remember to promote your discount code in your Instagram Posts, Reels and Stories.